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Julie Czerneda: a talented science fiction writer (A Thousand Words For Stranger) and editor of Tales From the Wonder Zone anthology series.

Eric Choi: my co-editor for The Dragon and the Stars, whose story "Dedication" won the first ever Isaac Asimov Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Science Fiction.


Dark Helix Press, publisher of the new editions of The Moon Under Her Feet and The Shrine of the Siren Stone.

Science Fiction Conventions and Events:

Ad Astra is Toronto's main literary science fiction convention. I'm a frequent writer guest at Ad Astra too. 

Other People I Like:

Amy Kerr, actress from Halifax with roles in Lexx: The Dark Zone, Martha Inc. (with Cybil Sheppard as Martha Stewart), Phase IV (with Dean Cain), Boyclops, and other movie and TV productions.

Ed the Sock and Liana K., hosts of the TV series Ed and Red's Night Party and This Movie Sucks.

Katie Uhlmann, actress and reporter for TTN-HD News.

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