"Kleinheimat" Free Download for April-May 2012

I am making my novella "Kleinheimat" available for free for a month starting on April 18, 2012, which is Holocaust Memorial Day in Canada. Get it as a pdf here.

The free version also includes "A Note on the Historicity of "Kleinheimat" (page 45).

"Kleinheimat" was originally published in the chapbook Klein by Futurecon. Klein also included the short story "On His Birthday, Reginald Got" by J.M. Frey

Translation of leaflet: "12,000 Jewish soldiers died on the field of honor for the fatherland. Christian and Jewish heroes fought together and lie together on foreign soil. 12,000 Jews fell in battle. Blind, enraged Party hatred does not stop at the graves of the dead. German Women: Do not allow the suffering of Jewish mothers to be mocked!"
- The Reich Association of Jewish Frontline Soldiers